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Internet Organizer  Internet Organizer 3.6
INTERNET ORGANIZER for Windows gives WEB users an easy way to gather and organize information about all the Internet Resources:WEB Pages, E-Mails, News Groups,.. Features: Allows you to quickly access the WEB using organizer IE browser and Handy Email. Customized display, complex filters, fast search, flexible reports, network aware. Generates WEB/HTML sites/pages; Supports entries from Scanners, Digital Cameras.

10-Strike SearchMyDiscs  10-Strike SearchMyDiscs 3.0
Catalog your disks. Create CD/DVD database and search needed files and disks easily. SearchMyDiscs helps you maintaining big collections of CD and DVD disks and other file resources (local and network folders). Browse and search for files, photographs, and folders on the disks of your collection without getting the disks from their cases, loading them into your computer, and having to view the disks one by one.

CD FrontEnd LITE  CD FrontEnd LITE 2006.16.203
CD FrontEnd, the professional CD authoring software. Make autorun CD catalogs, brochures, presentations, file collections. The user simply inserts the autoplay/autostart CDROM, then a Web-like presentation is shown. You can include video, music, hyperlinked texts and images, any buttons you want to launch files (PDF, PowerPoint, AutoCAD...). No browsers needed, no HTML, no hassles. Several protections available: password, print & copy...

CD Bank cataloguer  CD Bank cataloguer 2.7.8
CD Bank will help you maintain and organize catalog of your media collection, including CD-ROMs, DVDs, audio CDs or any other drives. It can create previews for TXT, HTML, RTF, EXE, MP3, ZIP files, and thumbnails for pictures with common formats. CD Bank will manage the disks you've loaned out. It can also navigate through your catalog using disk cover images. The program is fast and simple, with no limit to the number of disks cataloged.
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Advanced Link Catalog  Advanced Link Catalog 1.07xp
Are you tired of trying to remember a lot of your favorite Internet links? Advanced Link Catalog is an easy to use tool with explorer-like interface which help you to catalog, organize, annotate and back up your Internet bookmarks into categories. You can add comments to each link, search for links and categories using your own comments. The Advanced Link Catalog has the Multilingual user interface.
catalog, link, url, organize, catalogue, internet, browser, bookmark,

Sports Card Catalog  Sports Card Catalog 5.1
SPORT CARD CATALOG for Windows. Catalog your sport card collection in as much detail as you need, including the year of issue, brand, card number, team, type, description, date and price of purchase, and more. Unlimited number of entries, automatically sorted. Searching by any field, printing and much more.
sports, card, sports, hobby, collect, catalog,

Catalog Organizer Deluxe  Catalog Organizer Deluxe 2.6
Catalog Organizer Deluxe is a complete program that allows PC users to create and manage all kinds of catalogs. Ready-to-use templates included. Constructors, builders, artist, and all craftsmen can catalog their work. Scientists can maintain catalogs about their findings. Manufacturers can create product catalogs. You can start quickly with ready-to-use catalogs or your can set up and use catalog organizers that you create.
catalog, products, organize, database, business, research,

DisCatalog  DisCatalog 2.00.417
Catalog disks with preview: CD, DVD, Video, MP3, Photos, digital cards, hard disks. DisCatalog assists you to keep track of all your disks and to find really quickly files, music or videos. Search function considers all previews: contents of Word-, Excel-files (e.g. doc, xls), thumbnails of pictures and photos (e.g. jpg), ID3-Tags of MP3-files. Print, Export, File-Filter, network compatible.
discatalog, catalog, search, shareware, disks, cd, cd-rom, video, video-dvd, mp3,

CATVids  DVD Database  CATVids DVD Database 7.22
CATVids is a powerful database program designed to help you catalog and manage your video collection. CATVids works perfectly with all types of media, including DVDs, VHS tapes and Laserdiscs. It will keep track of not only your pre-recorded media, but also movies, television programs and home videos which you record. Using CATVids you can quickly catalog your movies by downloading information from the Internet.
database, collecting, video, laserdisc, dvd, vhs, organize, catalog, collect, collection,

MP3 Cat  MP3 Cat 2.8
MP3 Cat is an handy database for your mp3/music files. If you have a large collection of them, you surely will have felt the need for an intuitive yet powerful tool to organise and keep them in order: now you have found it.
mp3, catalog, organize, organise, monkeys, ape, ogg, vorbis, database, audio,

CDVista  CDVista 1.46a
CDVista enables you to scan your removable drives or photo CDs and store thumbnail images of the pictures on your PC. The program can optionally extract meta data contained in audio files, internet files, text files and digital images. CDVista offers special browsers to consult your disks easily, as well as extensive search functionality to quickly locate any kind of file.
cdrom, cds, cd-roms, cdrom, video, cdvista, catalog, cataloging, disk, removable,

EF File Catalog  EF File Catalog 1.60
Catalog whole disks or only single directories with familiar Explorer-like user interface and makes it available for offline browsing and searching. Some key features: Internal support for all usual compressed file formats; Unlimited external packer/description plugging support; Automatic description importing; CDDB ( and local); Fast search/search for dupes; Detailed informations. Multilingual
efsoftware, efcat, catalog, cddb,

Audio-CD-Archiv 5.1  Audio-CD-Archiv 5.1 5.10.589
Use Audio-CD-Archiv 5.1 as your personal music-center! Manage your Audio-CDs, MP3-CDs/DVDs and multimedia-files WMA, MP3, OGG. Search and print function, lend management, search folder, statistic, audio-samples, local database with more than 26 Mio. songtitles. Export into MP3, WMA or OGG. Copy on CD/DVD or MP3-player. ID3Tag Editor. Jukebox for playing all music-files, create playlists, Audio-CDs or MP3-CD/DVD.
audio, cd, archiv, musik, music cds, catalog, gbelectronics, mp3, musiccenter, music-center,

Movie Catalogue  Movie Catalogue 4.02
The complete organizer for all your movies. Easy to use with many special options - artists movie list, your movie list of an artist, picture from the movie, pictures of the artist and much more. Strong search that is the easiest to use. Movie Catalogue gives you the full view of your data. The graphic interface of the program makes it easy to navigate. The program have cross-reference between the movie and the artists.
organize, movie, catalog, manager, database, artist, film, actor, collector, collecting,

Collectibles Catalog  Collectibles Catalog 5.1
Collectibles Catalogue for Windows. For Beginners and advanced users. Designed to help you (or members of your family) to store information about your different types of collectibles (bears, dolls, miniatures, house plants, jewelry, precious moments figurines, Coca-Cola memorabilia, magazines, etc.). Example files included. Very intuitive and user friendly. It can be used by all members of the family.
collect, hobby, collectibles, catalog, home, inventory,

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